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The institute JSC VNIIPTchimnefteapparatury was set in 1964. It is the only organisation in Russia for specialized research on production process of vessels.

The research lab on tube expanding was set in the institute in 1966.

The lab on the basis of own elaboratings has organized serial production of tube expanders and tube expanding units.

The lab elaborated OSТ 26-17-01-83 standard on technology of torque controlled tube expanding and ОSТ 26-17-02-83 on chilled expander in 1983. The lab together with VNIIneftemash designed ОSТ 26-02-1015-85 on the design of joints in 1985.

The lab has elaborated and implemented the technology of tube expanding in double tube sheets and technology of expanding and air-tightness control with the tube sheet thermal stretching application, which are considerably increasing reliability of joints.

Techremex Ltd. on the base of the lab was set in 1992. Techremex Ltd. has elaborated and produces an improved series of the tube expanding units and expanders and others means of technological rigging which are indispensable for heat exchangers repair.

Techremex Ltd. together with the institute conducts certification of expanding technology, certification of the specialists on tube expanding and certification of the expanding equipment, perfoms heat exchangers repair.

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